Competitions and Clinics

2017 NRA Natl Results

Event Date 07-15-2017 12:00 am
Event End Date 07-16-2017 12:00 am
Attachment 2017 Natl NRA Results.pdf

March 31, April 1 & 2, 2017

At the Saskatchewan Wildlife Federation

Hosted by the Saskatoon Rifle & Revolver Club

See attached file for match information and registration information

Event Date 03-31-2017 6:00 pm
Event End Date 04-02-2017 6:00 pm

Match results are available for download or viewing with the attached file.

Event Date 01-14-2017 8:00 am
Event End Date 01-15-2017 4:00 pm
Attachment 2017-first-bang.pdf

See attached match schedule and registration form for further information on this championship.

Event Date 09-03-2016 8:00 am
Event End Date 09-04-2016 6:00 pm
Attachment 2016 NRA Nationals.pdf

Click HERE to go to the website for further information on this championship.

Event Date 07-29-2016 8:00 am
Event End Date 08-07-2016 6:00 pm

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